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    USAF adopts Israeli technique to fight ISIS

    I don't see why people say this technique is controversial, no one is injured in this type of attack as it just gets civilians to leave the area so they are not caught up as collateral damage in a strike on an enemy position/weapons stockpile. It is better than simply dropping leaflets over the...
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    Russian weapons turn the tide of the war in Syria

    The effort put in by the Russian Air Force for sure turned the tide of power for Assad. He was losing in multiple fronts until the Russians stepped in with their relentless blitz of airstrikes and pushed back the rebels/ISIS on multiple theaters and made it possible for Syrian forces to retake...
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    Japan Unveils Its Ultra-modern Stealth Fighter

    It will be interesting to see how this project of their works out as it has long been since the Japanese have produced their own completely native fighter jets. I am also quite intrigued by their focus on EM weapons over conventional weapons - seems very risky to put some much faith in such...
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    India's indigenous shield

    Do you have any further information on this missile system? What western missile systems is this comparable to? How much does this system cost/how long have they been working on this system for? I have never previously heard of this defense system before now - I didn't realize India was making...
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    What weapon of mass destruction are you most afraid of?

    I'd say chemical/biological weapons are probably the scariest WMD's. With nukes you'd be vaporized instantly if you are within the blast zone. With chemical/biological weapons, especially chemical weapons they attack your central nervous system and lead to painful agonizing deaths. Although...