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    Where are the missiles?

    All over the place, I know we have a bunch in the Dakotas and Nevada. I also believe upstate NY. But there are probably dozens of different locations throughout the USA. The object of course is that if half of them get taken out, the other half can still launch an assure that both countries die.
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    Japan ramps up military budget to ward off China

    Probably a bad move to be doing this considering the state of their economy. It will be interesting to see what they are buying and from whom.
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    West's Hypocrisy Is Obvious — Erdoğan

    Yeah, I think Turkey picked the losing side of this debate, right or wrong. You can win the debate, and be accurate in your assessment, but in the end harm your countries economy. The problem most people in the west have is that we know it isn´t just the terrorists, the money trail almost...
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    The peace of China

    China is being smart, at the current time they don´t have the manufacturing or tech to impose their will on anyone but their smaller neighbors. The USA can, and they can do it by buying weapons from their own companies. If China wanted to really be imperialistic, they would have to send a lot...
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    Is China that threatening?

    Apple, IBM, Microsoft, the automobile, the plane, the lightbulb, aerospace.. China invents or creates nothing, their entire economy evolves around taking other people´s ideas and doing it cheaper with cheap labor. And you can by McDonalds, Coca Cola and an iphone everywhere also.
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    Is the tank going to be around for much longer?

    Exactly this. I doubt there is ever going to be a tank v tank war ever again, but tanks are extremely useful for intimidation and blowing up cities from outside.
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    France to deploy 10,000 troops after attacks.

    Window dressing. A military presence is there to allow people to have some faith in their safety, not to actually create it. This is an interesting case, in the USA, the magazine would be getting a lot more ire. Everyone loves the idea of free speech, but when children start dying, most...
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    Romanian Air Force

    Because the other members of those countries have promised to help protect you. Why should Germany promise to protect you, and spend money on upgrading their military so that you can ignore your own defense. If member countries do not all share the burden of a defense budget, then Germany and...
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    Boko Haram raids Cameroon army base

    Nigeria is an unsustainable country. 50% muslim and 50% Christian means every election, half the country is in shambles and militant groups sprout up from the other side. The USA is being wise in this situation by not arming the governments, because if they do, then the Muslim parts of the...
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    Italy's Defense Budget Less Than Forecast

    The problem with Italy is that they always had very few defense companies to begin with. So any money they spend on defense is just sending their taxpayers money overseas. At least when the USA spends money on defense contracts, it means US jobs are created and it helps the economy. I wonder...
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    Saudi Arabia's 'Great Wall' to keep out Isil

    Will never work and they are suddenly going to find themselves feeling a lot of sympathy and learning a lot from Israel. The problem isn´t the physical wall, the problem is they are going to have to prevent muslims from getting to the Holy Cities. So now they have two choices, they allow all...
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    Army Rejects M9A3 Proposal, Opts for New Pistol

    It is all politics and defense contracting. There is nothing about performance that Beretta could have done to keep this contract. They probably ended up on the wrong side of an election.
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    War against ISIS

    Do you remember the first gulf war in 1990? Leading up to the war, there was all this talk about them having 5x´s the number of troops we had on the ground, they had more tanks, they had almost an equal number of planes ... etc. etc. If you want to terrorize a small farming village by...
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    Romanian Air Force

    For what purpose? Unless the equipment is produced inside the country, then upgrading your military is just handing money from a pretty poor country to one of the richer countries. And again for what purpose? You aren´t going to be able to compete against any of the countries most likely to...
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    Territorial dispute between China and the Philippines?

    It is just a game of cat and mouse. I think everyone knows that the Philippines is in the right ( same with Vietnam vs China in another issue). However, China also knows that nobody is really going to do anything if they just nudge in little by little. As long as there isn´t a real military...