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    Switzerland board rules Muslim boys must shake female teachers' hands

    This is sheer stupidity. I've studied for like 16 years of my life and I can count the number of times I shook hands with my teachers. It's not a school policy to shake a teacher's hand unless you're walking up the stage and getting your award, then it'd be rude not to shake the hand of the...
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    Era of militias?

    Touche to that. But it's ironic why some governments would contract insurgents or mercenery groups to fight on their behalf (i.e. proxy wars) when they know for a fact that they do not have clear ideologies and their loyalties are ambivalent (depends on who provides more money). It's not a great...
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    Replacing manned guard towers....

    Well if you ever play Clash of Clans, I suppose you're referring to an Archer Tower type of Guard Tower, right? There are people stationed at strategically placed towers but instead of people manning it, you'd use weapons remotely controlled from afar (perhaps a location only military personnel...
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    Sri Lanka ammunition blasts destroy hundreds of homes

    This is clearly a manifestation of neglect and no one but the people responsible for the operations of that ammunition depot. Besides damaging numerous properties and threatening the lives of civilians, the storage facility is obviously not operating according to established safety standards...
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    Conspiracy Theory

    We never know the truth. But what I do know is that the CIA is involved in a lot of underground activities and it purportedly concocts lies, rumours and propaganda for the sake of their so-called "national interest." The US has its own vested interest and when you see their presence in issues...
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    Indonesian homegrown aircraft set for Aug 10 debut

    Great looking aircraft but hopefully it's got more advanced technology compared to commercial planes. One thing to take note of is whether this new breed of homegrown aircraft will be equipped with technology that's far better and more convenient to retrieve than a black box.
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    Will the arms trade eventually dominate world economics?

    Arms trade has, over the years, rooted itself in today's society. It has become a horrific reality. Much as we try to shake it off, but it's already there and private corporations, governments, stateless organizations and whatnot have, one way or another, engaged in it. It's not dominating the...
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    Do you agree that some of the Funding for arms should be diverted towards helping the needy?

    In the case of welfare states, I think they're already doing that. It's just that some countries, like the United States for example, spend more on arms and nuclear development and proliferation than for welfare provisions because exporting weapons is a huge source of income for the country. War...
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    Polygamy and multiple partners?

    Certain cultures that practice polygamy ended up causing more harm than good. I prefer monogamy because it's clear and less messy. The moral, legal and emotional dimensions aren't convoluted so it's not likely to get bloody particularly in the aspect of inheritance.
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    Female Presidents

    The position of a president isn't constrained or limited by petty things like gender affiliation or race. What matters more are the following: experience, educational background, ethics, decision-making skills and political will. Two female presidents served my country. The first one...
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    Israel’s ‘weapon exports to Rwanda during genocide’ to stay secret, following Supreme Court ruling

    So which faction did Israel supplied weapons to? Was it the Hutu or Tutsi tribe? Or both? It seems like the secret isn't a secret anymore. Now this makes me wonder whether the recent Gaza genocide which catapulted Netanyahu to the hall of shame was a ploy to test newly invented weaponry.
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    Russian jets ‘aggressively’ pass US warship

    This scenario appears to be an upgraded version of the Cold War. During the Cold War, the media did most of the work but there remains a great distance between the US and Russia. This time around, it's different. They seem to be close enough - in fact, on the same playing field - to intimidate...
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    A weaker Europe?

    The UK already opted out of the currency department and EU didn't make a fuss because they know UK's participation makes a huge difference in achieving "synthesized" economic goals. If EU can loosen up certain rules and regulations so that member countries wouldn't feel choked, as if they're...
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    Greece ships first migrants back to Turkey

    The plight of Middle East migrants is not easy. It's hard to be in their shoes. But countries have their own people and national security to think about. If they ease up their borders, chaos would erupt. A fact no one can't deny is that among these migrants are terrorists waiting to make their...
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    North & South Korea News, Updates & Discussions

    Kim Jong Un is not a supervillain but as a leader responsible for the well-being of around 25 million North Koreans, he should get his priorities straight. By launching missiles and rockets with questionable quality just to provoke neighboring countries and show off his country's premature...