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After Trudeau … Gaddafi’s “shadow” pursues Netanyahu

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It seems that the suspicion of dealing with Muammar Gaddafi began to pursue Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after it caused a lot of trouble for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the latest revealed by a former Canadian government minister documents will increase pressure on the young Canadian official.

A report in the US newspaper Huffington Post revealed that Netanyahu indirectly benefited from a multimillion dollar deal signed by a US company owned by his relative with the Libyan regime led by Muammar Gaddafi in violation of US sanctions imposed on Libya between 2007 and 2008.

According to the report, Netanyahu at that time owned stakes in the company Cedarvet Cook, a company owned by his cousin Natan Milikovsky, where the company, the main supplier of raw materials, to C / G Electrode, which sold electric poles to Libya In the period of Gaddafi’s rule.

Because Seadrift, based in Texas, was the central supplier of raw materials to the company accused of deals with Libya, C \ G Electodes, it may be assumed that Netanyahu made profits from these deals.

“Small Investor”!

On the other hand, Milikovsky said in response to the report that Netanyahu was a “weak investor” in the company, and that he did not know about C / G Electrode deals with Libya.

Netanyahu’s spokesman also confirmed that he was a “small investor” and that he did not participate in the management of the company, or its business.

The US administration has accused Milikovsky’s electronics company of making illicit deals with Libya on 23 different occasions. The value of missions to Libya amounted to about $ 6.8 million.

In August 2007, Netanyahu bought shares in Seadrift, which was the central supplier of raw materials for C \ G Electrodes. Three years later, he sold the shares and made a 700% profit.

Criminal suspicions against Netanyahu

The report comes at a time when Israeli media indicate that Israeli Attorney General Avichay Mendelblit and Public Prosecutor Shai Nitzan will issue police orders to examine criminal suspicions against Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the reports he gave to the regulators regarding the shares he bought and then sold. To his cousin Natan Milikovsky, according to the website of the newspaper “Yedioth Ahronoth”, a judicial source.

According to the source, the State Comptroller’s Office believes that reports of Netanyahu’s assets, which were handed over to the attorney general, raise suspicions of criminal suspicions and Netanyahu must give his testimony on the matter.

Last month, since the State Comptroller’s Office’s permit committee published that Netanyahu had concluded agreements with his cousin, most of which had not been reported, the prosecutor began collecting material that had reached his office. Most of the material was collected by a committee Permits.

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