June 17, 2019

Russian warships conduct patrols mission in the Black sea to monitor NATO military exercise

The Russian National Defense Administration (SDC) reported that ships and coastal defense missile systems of the Russian Black Sea Fleet are being rotated due to NATO naval maneuvers in the Black Sea.

The center, which is part of the Russian Defense Ministry, said that forces of the Russian Black Sea Fleet are currently carrying out a series of measures to monitor the activities of NATO ships in the Black Sea, to ensure a rapid response to any extraordinary circumstances possible.

He added: “The ships and missile systems” Bastion “and” Pal “coastal and Russian naval aircraft patrols in the designated areas of the Black sea.

NATO has been conducting military exercises in the southwestern part of the Black Sea since Monday, with the participation of ships and aircraft from the United States, Bulgaria, Greece, Canada, the Netherlands, Romania and Turkey, as well as representatives of the Georgian and Ukrainian armed forces.

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