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“S-400” defense system puts an end to the influence of US in the Middle East

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A state of boiling experienced by the US administration because of the tendency of many US allied countries to purchase The Russia S-400 missile system, one of the best systems in the world.

The S-400s can shoot down all air targets, including stealth aircraft and US early warning aircraft AWACS. One missile can track and drop targets within a range of 40 to 400 km at the speed of sound.

The S-400 consists of 3 parts, 8 anti-aircraft units equipped with 12 launch pads, the second part includes command and control systems and radars, and the third part includes technical support and maintenance.

The S-400 radar covers a radius of 600 kilometers, can be prepared for launch within 5 minutes, and only takes 10 seconds to fire at a 90-degree angle.

China, India, Qatar and Turkey are battling to protect their skies with the S-400, some of them already received the system, while others are waiting delivery.

It should be noted that the United States of America appeals to other countries, under the law to confront its enemies through sanctions, to refrain from buying from Russia, and invite them to buy US weapons.

China .. The first to use the “S 400”

Last year, China received the first batch of Russian S-400 missiles under a deal with Moscow signed in 2014, making Beijing the first foreign capital to receive the system.

The development opened a new phase in military cooperation between Moscow and Beijing, despite Russia’s assertion that it would not provide the Chinese with the Know-How of making advanced missile system.

China is the most important military partner of Russia. The volume of trade between the two reaches 90 billion dollars, although investments in joint military ventures is not covered in this figure as the Russian military community refused to grant Beijing license to manufacture Russian made systems locally.

Turkey is about to lose the United States and NATO because of the “S 400”

The United States and Turkey have been at loggerheads over Ankara’s decision to buy the S-400 missile defense system, which does not comply with NATO regulations. Washington has warned that moving forward with the deal could push it to impose sanctions and exclude Turkey from the F-35 program.

Turkey says it needs the S-400 system, which it is due to receive from Russia in July 2019. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said repeatedly that he will not back down from the deal despite numerous threats from US President Donald Trump.

“The missile system will not be integrated into the NATO system,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Gawishoglu told a committee in the United States. “We propose to the United States to form a technical working group to ensure that the system will not be a threat to F-35s. “US or NATO systems.”

“Our goal was not to integrate the S-400 system into the NATO system because it was for our own use,” he said

For its part, said the Pentagon, “it does not consider the establishment of a working group with Turkey to resolve the dispute over the purchase of Ankara Russian missile defense system S-400.

“The technical working group at this stage is neither necessary nor a way that the United States thinks of as a solution,” said Pentagon spokesman Eric Bahon.

In Ankara, the Turkish foreign minister said that the deal of the Russian missile defense system S-400 is “settled” and can not be canceled.

US Vice President Mike Bens issued a stern warning to Turkey during a NATO-led event in Washington, saying it had to choose between remaining a NATO partner or risking partnership through reckless decisions.

The US vice president said that Turkey’s purchase of the S-400 missiles poses a danger to NATO and its alliance, threatening Ankara by saying: “If they complete the S-400, they risk expulsion from the F-35 program.”

Qatar buys S400

In December 2017, the country’s ambassador to Russia, Fahd bin Mohammed al-Attiyah, announced that his country is looking to purchase Russian air defense systems S-400, noting that negotiations between the two parties in this regard also include cooperation in training, research and maintenance.

The announcement of the possibility of buying Qatar missile defense systems “S-400” from Russia, and began talks on the supply of Russian systems to Qatar in early 2019.

According to the newspaper “Rosiskaya Gazeta” Russian, the media body of the military cooperation responsible for the export of Russian weapons, announced on February 19, 2019, the start of the Russian-Qatari talks on the supply of systems “S-400” to Qatar.

Russian military expert Viktor Mortakhovsky said that because of the small size of the Qatari army, arms purchases from Russia would not be practical, but political, because the rich country could only buy the S-400 missile system for reasons of improving relations with Russia. .

“The Qatari army is purely symbolic, but this country, thanks to its wealth, can buy the so-called White Elephant, for example, buy the S-400 for 500 million dollars,” he added.

India has ignored Washington and is waiting to carry out the deal with Russia

India overtook US objections, and signed a $5.2 billion with Russia in October 2018, during the visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin, to New Delhi.

Russian President Yoweri Ushakov said Russia and India would be interested in cooperation in the military-technical field, adding that it would sign 20 MOU in various fields of cooperation between the two countries.

The deal raised Washington’s concern, which had earlier expressed disappointment at the Indian authorities’ decision to buy the S-400 Russian air defense missile system, and hinted that it would not rule out sanctions under the CAATSA law to counter US opponents.

India hopes to be exempted from economic sanctions from Washington. The United States is keen not to upset its Indian ally because the two powers have a common interest in countering China’s growing influence in Asia.

For his part, Chief of Staff of the Indian ground forces, Pibin Roat, said that his country knows that the United States can impose sanctions, but India is pursuing an independent policy, he said.

“Yes, we understand that there may be sanctions against us, but we apply an independent policy. Russia should not be concerned about the development of relations between New Delhi and Washington.

Russia and India are the largest and oldest partners in military cooperation, more than 70 percent of Indian military equipment are supplied by Russia.

India will be the fourth overseas buyer after China, Turkey and Qatar for the S-400 the most advanced missile systems.

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