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Why Putin sent his troops to Caracas?

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“Ukraine will be the Russian Cup in the Battle of Venezuela,” the title of Aleksandr Setnikov’s article in Svobodnaya Prisa on why Putin sent officers to Caracas.

The article said, “Voice of America” ​​joyously, the energy is cut off from Venezuela almost completely. There is little doubt that the disruption of the energy system in the Bolivarian Republic is carried out by an American party or is being carried out with the participation of US intelligence. However, forcing Maduro to deliver the white flag to Washington has not yet worked.

Although Moscow supported Caracas during the first phase of the Guido demonstrations, it did so cautiously. The Kremlin seemed to be waiting and watching for the development of protests. But as soon as the coup failed, 99 officers of the Russian Defense Ministry flew to Caracas. The Western media explained the advent of “Russian power” by protecting economic interests.

According to the New York Times, Russia invested about $ 10 billion in the Venezuelan economy. Rossneft received a stake in the energy sector of the Bolivarian Republic and, as collateral for a $ 1.5 billion loan, took a 49.9 percent stake in the Citgo refinery, owned by PDVSA Governmental organizations. In addition, Venezuela is one of the largest export markets for Russian weapons in Latin America.

But the issue is not only in money. The American Jamestown, led by the well-known communist zealot Zbigniew Brzezinski, believes Moscow will defend Venezuela Maduro until the end, because political gains are too high.

“The decision … to actively support the weak Maduro system seems very risky and almost impossible, but in 2015, the move to save Assad seemed a risky” adventure “as Moscow is promoting it today as a great success story. That the successful deployment of his forces in the Caribbean, in front of the politically divided nose of the United States, will undoubtedly strengthen Russia’s position as a superpower. “

Then, Moscow can ask for much, including Ukraine, which Washington will easily abandon. Perhaps it is the main trophy for which Russia came to Venezuela.

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