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  1. Combat Medic

    US blocks Turkey T129 ATAK sale to Pakistan

    This makes more sense. Pakistan wont sign a deal unless everything is looked into but this news did not come out of nowhere and I do not believe Tamer Özmen either.
  2. Combat Medic

    South Korean Fighter KF-X | The First wind tunnel test is released..

    Is this going to be solely developed by South Korea? I think I have heard somewhere that Turkey is also involved. Its weird that country with advanced tech like Japan and South Korea have not yet came up with their own made fighter jets!
  3. Combat Medic

    Truck loaded with Pakistani children headed to Iran got intercepted

    Damn those kids are the future of Pakistan. Iran wants to train them and send them to Syria or Iraq. Pakistan must use an iron fest with the Mullah.
  4. Combat Medic

    US blocks Turkey T129 ATAK sale to Pakistan

    What is Pakistan looking in the ATAK? Pakistan can get the Mi or go for US made or buy directly from Italy. Non of what Turkey make is indigenous and therefore requires third party approval which will not get.
  5. Combat Medic

    Iran considers buying Pakistani-made JF-17 Thunder fighter jets

    Iran considers buying Pakistani-made JF-17 Thunder fighter jets The Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force is considering the purchase of Pakistani-made JF-17 Thunder fighter jets to progressively replace its ageing F-14 and MiG-29 fighter jets. According to Muzammil Hatami, officials of the...
  6. Combat Medic

    Russia To Deploy More S-400 Missiles To Disputed Crimea Peninsula

    Russia is sending new S-400 surface-to-air missile batteries to its installations in Crimea, its defense ministry says. The move comes days after Russian warships seized several Ukrainian naval vessels, adding to tensions with neighboring Ukraine over the land Russia seized in 2014. Russia's...
  7. Combat Medic

    Saudi Arabia signs $15 billion deal for THAAD missile defense system

    Saudi Arabia, US take a significant step toward closing $15 billion deal for Lockheed Martin's THAAD missile defense system Source: U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Brandon Banzhaf, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade's Public Affairs NCOIC A soldier with Battery Echo, 62nd Air Defense Artillery...
  8. Combat Medic

    UAE hired an American mercenary group to carry out assassinations on political figures in Yemen

    Although I can affirm that Saudi Arabia and UAE will chase anyone belongs to the MB affiliated islamic party in Yemen and doing the hunting, this report about hiring mercenary is flawed.
  9. Combat Medic

    Pakistan, China plan to destroy Indian Army through drugs

    India might outnumber Pakistan in terms of quantity but Pakistan can also inflict major harm upon India at any given time relying on its huge missile arsenal. India air force is not in good shape compare to Pakistan however, the growing force of Indian naval forces is a big concern to Pakistan's...
  10. Combat Medic

    Vostok 2018: An Analysis

    This is by large the biggest post soviet military game. But this is not of any help to Russia I call. If Russia would want to simulate Russia vs NATO scenario why picking China when NATO is way too much sophisticated than China on many fronts. Russia may be trying to get closer to China but the...
  11. Combat Medic

    F-35 Operations suspended for safety concerns

    The United States temporarily suspended operations for its fleet of F-35 fighter jets for 24 to 48 hours to check for possible faulty fuel tubes in the engines of the planes, after a crash in South Carolina late last month raised concerns about whether the part was to blame. The Pentagon said...
  12. Combat Medic

    F-35 program News and Discussions

    F-35B jet crashes in South Carolina US military's most expensive jet crashes 00:32 Washington (CNN)A US Marine Corps F-35B crashed Friday in Beaufort County, South Carolina, near Marine Corp Air Station Beaufort, a US military official told CNN. The pilot ejected safely and is being evaluated...
  13. Combat Medic

    Attack on military parade in Iran

    You have summed it up nicely. Well said mate.
  14. Combat Medic

    Attack on military parade in Iran

    The funny thing is that Iran has accused UAE/Saudi/Israel and the US of being behind the attack.
  15. Combat Medic

    Arab foreign ministers call on Turkey to withdraw troops from Iraq

    Cairo ( – The Council of Arab League called on the Turkish government to immediately withdraw its troops from Iraq and end its violation of the Arab country’s sovereignty. This came in a communiqué issued by the council on Wednesday during its 150th ordinary session held in Cairo...
  16. Combat Medic

    Indonesian Armed Forces

    Is the engine made locally?
  17. Combat Medic

    Yemen Post ex-President Saleh's death

    Saudi forces do not wander around in such vehicles. Its either the Houthies or pro government army.
  18. Combat Medic

    Saudi Arabia to be first country Imran Khan to visit

    Saudi Arabia is Pakistan strategic partner and both have very strong relationships. Saudi Arabia is a very important country in the region politically, economically and militarily. With the new ambitious leaders of both countries, this visit will definitely remap the relations and will have its...
  19. Combat Medic

    Trump signs defense policy bill suspending sale of F-35 jets to Turkey

    UAE and Saudi Arabia will go for it if the US is to sell those jets. That would be a strong hit to Turkey and a strong boost to the UAE/Saudi air forces capability.