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  1. kovichni

    The Battle of Goose Green be fair the island was argentinian till 1833 and the english came and officially claimed it as their won. in those times argentina had no means whatsoever to try and defeat the english, even if they were thousands of km away from their own land. and be reminded, the referendum on...
  2. kovichni

    Qatar in talks for T-129

    not only were there negotiations, but also war threats if qatar dared to continue with the purchase
  3. kovichni

    Putin Claimed His Hypersonic Missiles Were Invincible. Then He Jailed the Developers.

    what sense does that title make? surely you must be aware information sale/spying is quite common in the world of arms and weaponry. is it that weird that one of the them (kudryavtsev) was doing so and hence caught for it?