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  1. Bundeswehr

    China offers J-10 to Bangladesh and Laos In what seems a clear nudge to Pakistan, China’s People’ Liberation Army says that both Laos and Bangladesh have officially shown interest in the latest version of its J-10C...
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    Turkmenistan economic development and discussion

    it seems all Turkmenistan is focusing on for export, boosting their economy is oil and gas. is there really any diversification they are doing or is it all based on oil-related industries? even Azerbaijan is reducing a lot on their oil, and increasing economic trade by exporting...
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    Mali receives armored vehicles from Qatar

    some are doing the fighting, some are there for political, economic reasons . I think Qatar was just trying to gain Mali's, Somalia's political trust supplying them armored vehicles for free.
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    Laos receives new military equipment from China

    most likely a loan to acquire new weapons. however China does gift Laos older weapons such as the Type 56 AK, and other older model weapons along with some uniforms and sometimes troop trucks.
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    Laos receives new military equipment from China

    Laos received SR-5 Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems, Tianlong 6 air defence systems, Dongfeng CS/SS4 Self propelled Mortar system, SH-1 155mm Wheeled Howitzers and Shaanxi Tiger armored vehicles.
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    Egypt Armed Forces

    what ships will be built in Egypt? seems Egypt is procuring TOT for local shipyards for many of the constructions now., I'm quite impressed with the Egyptian build up these last few years
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    Mali receives armored vehicles from Qatar The Malian military has received two dozen armored vehicles from Qatar. In a statement on December 27, 2018, the Qatari Ministry of Defense announced it had delivered 24 Storm armored...
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    Qatar gives Somalia armored vehicles

    aha I did not know this, thank you for informing me on this
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    Qatar gives Somalia armored vehicles

    would not surprise really. the Somali army I believe is just basic militias who united to fight other radical elements, however Turkey has a base in Mogadishu which is training Somali soldiers, police officers so we will wait and see. however, this donation I think was just to get the Somali...
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    Qatar gives Somalia armored vehicles

    Qatar donated 68 armored vehicles to Somalia on Thursday, Qatar's defense ministry said, a sign that Doha is pushing for influence in the country with the role of its Gulf rival, the United Arab Emirates, under strain. Somalia, a Horn of Africa country located on key shipping routes, has refused...
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    Pakistan Armed Forces

    will the SH-15 be manufactured under license by POF?
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    China Armed Forces

    how many J-16s will be acquired?
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    Algerian National Army

    you guys have MEKO A200s, why not buy another 4 and be final with it? why do you guys look for another frigate?
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    Saudi Arabia to begin receiving Thunder-2 ballistic missile system in 2022

    the Saudis are moving closer to the Ukrainians, Russians and Chinese because some of the NATO countries are either A. arming Qatar, or B. have emplaced weapon sanctions against the KSA. or C. both. plus the Ukrainians are in a desperate need of cash, so this doesn't surprise me. if i remember...
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    Bundeswehr | Germany Armed Forces

    Paratroopers of Fallschirmjägerregiment 26 during Falcon Autumn-2018 in the Netherlands.
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    Bundeswehr | Germany Armed Forces

    currently ~140 are in service with the Luftwaffe and with the Tornados being replaced, another ~70-90 is being eyed.
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    Bundeswehr | Germany Armed Forces

    Germany Navy U-31 off the coast of Eckernförde
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    Bundeswehr | Germany Armed Forces

    Luftwaffe Eurofighters at Ämari Air Base, Estonia for the Baltic air policy mission
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    Azerbaijan economic development

    it seems that Azerbaijan is taking a lot of steps to reduce their oil reliance and bolster other fields to strengthen, grow their economy.