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  1. Signalian

    F-16 vs F-15 dogfight

    Yar, don't you think HMD and Aim-9x combo has changed the dynamics of WVR?
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    F-16 vs F-15 dogfight

    RCS matters, payload is not the only factor since F-18 E/F has smaller RCS than F-18 C/D even when it has more hard points. It also helps in locking-on to a target. F-16's radars range has also improved comparable to F-15's radar , so F-16 carries the same advantage when firing. APG-66 is...
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    F-16 vs F-15 dogfight

    High altitude is mostly BVR combat. Both aircraft will climb high to fire BVR missiles at a long range from each other. F-15 may climb faster but will get detected first due to higher RCS and could potentially get shot at first. Older blocks of F-16 didn't have a long range radar, in newer...
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    Pakistan shot down 2 IAF jets

    If Bison's radar doesnt have the range to guide a BVR missile, it could have been possible either through the SU30 radar dubbed as Mini AWACS measuring range of target for Bison if Bison had data link ability or through Bison's FLIR itself.
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    Infrared Search And Track Systems And The Future Of The US Fighter Force

    3/26/15 3:10pm Filed to: AIR COMBAT 110.7K 6525 Lockheed has a new modular sensor system for combat aircraft dubbed the "Legion Pod" that aims at plugging a major hole in US air warfare capability. It provides a bolt-on Infrared Search and Track (IRST) system for optically hunting down enemy...
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    So how good is Pakistan’s JF-17 fighter? Analysis from RUSI think-tank’s Justin Bronk

    JF-17 desperately needs an air to ground missile like AGM-65 maverick.
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    Any details on this ? I am not sure how suitable is Chinese EW system in terms of capability Vs American/European EW suite and pods
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    Pak-Iran Relations Imperative for Regional Peace

    Pakistan, since 9/11, has faced the dilemma of balancing the relationship with Saudi Arabia and Iran. Iran is not only an important country in the Gulf, but is also a stakeholder in regional peace, especially the Middle East. Pakistan shares a tri-functional border with Iran; direct land border...
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    Addressing the Trade Deficit

    At the outset of this article, let me go through the events which culminated into the unprecedented trade deficit causing a currency crisis in Pakistan. The problem was indeed brewing since 1995. The period since 1995 is full of events that I believe have been affecting our trade performance...
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    Behind the Smoke of False Flag Operations

    Pulwama attack and the subsequent debate based on cost-benefit analysis has amply proved that the real beneficiary of any such act of violence was the Modi government and not Pakistan. The later logical arguments prove Pulwama attack as a false flag operation to achieve various ill-intended...
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    UAE envoy gifts Pakistani street vendor a furnished apartment

    When God wants to help someone who works hard, He does so in amazing ways.
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    Crisis in the Arabian Gulf

    @Eagle1 a site i found to monitor live naval traffic around the world could be helpful to the topic at hand. also shows ship types. Uncategorised vessels could be military
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    UAE's F-16 Dodge Houthi Air Defense Missile

    Take it step by step :) don't give heart attacks lol Just discussing a part of Block-60's EW capability minus Radar, decoy and few other components.
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    F-16 vs F-15 dogfight

    RCS of F-16 is much lower than that of F-15. F-16's avionics, EW suite and radar have caught up especially in block 60, block 70 and V-upgrade. probably in Block 52 also except AESA Radar. Speed depends upon altitude, F-16 is not disadvantaged at all anymore.
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    Cobra Gunship During Operation Desert Storm...

    Footage shows Super Cobra (AH-1Z and AH-1W), however Cobras (AH-1F) were used also.
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    F-16 vs F-15 dogfight

    ...and why not ?
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    UAE's F-16 Dodge Houthi Air Defense Missile

    UAE AF's F-16 Block 60 has ALQ-165 electronic countermeasures system, also known as the Airborne Self-Protection Jammer (ASPJ), which is an automated modular reprogrammable active radar frequency (RF) deception jammer designed and contribute to the electronic self protection of the host tactical...
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    Health & Fitness

    One of the best Arnie Vids out there
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    Vostok 2018: An Analysis

    Russia recently conducted a massive military exercise codenamed ‘Vostok 2018’ in which, as stated by its Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, nearly 300,000 troops, up to 36,000 tanks, armored personnel carriers and other vehicles, more than 1,000 aircraft and unarmed aerial vehicles, up to 80 combat...