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  1. Goblinforhire

    Israeli rabbi: Paris attacks are payback for the Holocaust

    Does the Torah not have a passage on forgiveness? It's ridiculous and sad that a rabbi can make these kinds of statements. Innocent people were murdered in concerts and cafes and he's still stuck in the past, an eye for an eye will turn the whole world blind. Anyone who rejoices in terrorist...
  2. Goblinforhire

    world bank

    This would be ideal, but unfortunately I don't think it would be this simple, politics is a big factor even in Aid money, I can imagine some countries turning down money just because they oppose the donors' beliefs, religion or even just disagree with the way some billionaire acquired his...
  3. Goblinforhire

    the cross taken down to accommodate other religions

    I don't see how taking down the cross accommodates other religions, I'm an atheist but belief is the foundation of any religion isn't it? and even if other religions have protested and demanded the taking down of crosses, I really don't see how this solves anything.
  4. Goblinforhire

    Jewish man stabs Arab Israeli in hate attack

    The title to this news story really stood out for me, I guess we've all become accustomed to the news of Arabs being the aggressors of violence whether it's true or not. I think this just shows how much mutual hatred there is between these two communities.
  5. Goblinforhire

    Top Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Luz says will no longer draw prophet

    I would have liked for him to state his reasons for no longer wanting to draw the prophet. I would imagine that there is a feeling of guilt on his part that so many people died because some terrorists took offence with a cartoon. I do feel sorry for him, I can't imagine being in this position.
  6. Goblinforhire

    Violence Erupts in Baltimore, State of Emergency Issued

    It's interesting how you blame the dead person and have not once once questioned how the policemen in whose custody he was in could have had a hand in his death, innocent or not. Yes, he most likely was at fault but why is it that a man who was arrested on a minor offence ends up dead instead of...
  7. Goblinforhire

    Bosnia to donate 500 tonnes of ammunitions surplus to Iraq to help in fight against ISIS

    I like this gesture by Bosnia. I feel that when the world finally unites against ISIS - and I hope this day comes very soon - there will be a lot of nations that will come together to fight against them. They will not be able to withstand the armed forces and ammunition of so many countries all...
  8. Goblinforhire

    Ads featuring Hitler, Arab leader to appear on Philly buses

    This photo comes as a surprise to me, had no knowledge that Hitler had Arab supporters, didn't he think that the Aryan race was the superior one, what made him associate with this Arab leader? I think they chose the right picture to provoke a reaction though, the message is very strong. A man...
  9. Goblinforhire

    'Tear to pieces the Stars and Stripes' North Korea orders army to PREPARE FOR WAR with USA

    Oh look, it's time for North Korea's 'annual threat against South Korea and America'. They have done this too many times in the past to be taken seriously any more, North Korea is like the boy who cried wolf. Anytime I read something like this I just roll my eyes and move one, unless this is...
  10. Goblinforhire

    War against ISIS

    I really can't believe that Assad is this naive, or it it optimistic. I think his main focus is to get rid of the rebels, I do think that he is in league with ISIS but I can predict they they will not be so easily gotten rid of. They might just decide they don't want to relinquish control...
  11. Goblinforhire

    Jihadi John-Maybe he can get a job with Facebook or Google...

    So many things wrong with this statement, first I believe that he's a stone cold killer, getting him a job won't help with his urges, he's also reported to be a British national so why drag Obama into this? shouldn't you be asking David Cameron to get him this hypothetical job? The thing that...
  12. Goblinforhire

    Does Vatican City State have army?

    I've wracked my brain but I can't think of a reason why anyone would declare war on the Vatican. They don't meddle in any political affairs and they are very peaceful. Having an 'active' army would make no sense anyway and would just be a waste of money (although they do have plenty of it)
  13. Goblinforhire

    Would you a full scale war against IS do more harm than good?

    You're assuming that only these two territories would fund a war against ISIS and I think that this is misguided. I'm fairly certain that there are countries from all regions of the world including the Middle East would help in whichever way they can to get rid of them. I do think that a war...
  14. Goblinforhire

    How each country's camouflage looks like

    Why would they be the colour of sand? You need to brush up on your geography. Africa and the Middle East are not large swathes of desert, cactus and thorns as you may think, there are different climates in different regions just like anywhere else in the world.
  15. Goblinforhire

    ISIS Trafficking Human Organs?

    Honestly nothing ISIS does at this point is surprising to me anymore, they have set a new standard for evil. It iss new to me though that they are the wealthiest terror group on record, I wonder what other foul deeds they are committing for the sake of money or even scarier; that there are...
  16. Goblinforhire

    Turkey enters Syria, evacuates historic tomb to protect it from ISIS

    BBC News - Turkey enters Syria to evacuate Suleyman Shah tomb Hundreds of Turkish troops in armoured vehicles have entered northern Syria and evacuated a historic Ottoman tomb and the soldiers guarding it. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the remains of Suleyman Shah would be moved...
  17. Goblinforhire


    I'm skeptical about these claims, and IF he were a pedophile why would he kiss this boy's stomach this so publicly? Pedophilia is sickening and illegal so most of these people hide their true selves from everyone. It is a weird and cringe-worthy gesture but I'm still not convinced.
  18. Goblinforhire

    Indian man distributing wedding invitations hit by MiG-27 wreckage

    I too hope he recovers from his injuries. But let this be a lesson to everyone to send invitations through the mail.
  19. Goblinforhire

    U.S. prevented sale of Israeli helicopters to Nigeria

    This is an interesting statement. It seems that they (the US) have knowledge of the Nigerians killing civilians in the fight against Boko Haram. So to me, this statement translates to "You can't have this toy until you prove you are responsible" Which I am fully in agreement with, surely in...
  20. Goblinforhire

    War against ISIS

    I wonder about this too, they seem like a bunch of murderous sociopaths who are operating under the disguise of 'Jihad'. Which is a thin disguise for the fact that they enjoy murdering innocent people. How exactly has the Coptic church been hostile? Do they also have a history of executing Muslims?