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    World’s cartoonists respond to the attack on ‘Charlie Hebdo’

    I especially like the last set. Thanks for collecting these here. I am Charlie.
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    Picture of The Day

    Very nice picture of the mommy bear and her cubs. They must have been wet earlier and she decided there was a better way. Do you have more?
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    Police departments with military weapons

    I was surprised and disturbed that weapons were sent to the police departments to use against ordinary citizens. Although I believe every policeman needs the best protective gear we can give them including what people in war zones get I have a different opinion about weapons. The vast...
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    Affordable Care Act & the Economy

    I think the Affordable Care Act is good for the economy. It is putting more money into the health care system. Eventually if not already it is helping people stay healthier so they can work more. I got my insurance through the Exchange. I have health issues and have not ever had insurance...
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    How to remove terrorism?

    Do you think it is really that simple? I would agree if it is. People all deserve the right to work and be able to take care of their family. I am not sure that is is that simple though. Some people are terrorists because they believe other people are wrong or evil. I don't believe they...
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    I agree it would be a wonderful world. I suspect it won't happen until there is a world wide issue that requires everyone's attention to solve in some way. At this point I can't even imagine what that might be.
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    In 2014, US economy began shaky, finished strong

    I know the things you are telling us are true. I also know the news is telling us things are getting better and better. Unfortunately I don't see it a lot. The people I know are still having a lot of trouble. The only thing good that seems to be happening is the price of gas coming down. I...
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    What does Bitcoin offer the world economy

    I know very little about Bitcoins although I hear about them all the time. I am interested in reading more and learning more about it. I think banks and other financial institutions should be afraid. They have cheated us for so long...
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    The point of negotiations

    If both parties want to come to an agreement I suppose negotiations work. I would suspect that the majority of the time negotiations are used to discover the other sides thoughts and weaknesses. Given that I don't believe negotiations work. Since I don't really believe terrorists...
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    Read before posting in this section

    Hello, I'm mylinda. I'm from Louisiana. I'm trying to figure out the forum and learn more about war and weapons. Glad to be here and meet everyone.