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  1. kevin341

    Next Generation MiG-35

    TF-X program on by themselves for a while which ended up being a complete waste.'' Definetly i agree you Zaslon. Flysystem 2020" 5th generation program for the first time that I'm learning. design too close... if they can, they will prevail? in what way will the plane be superior? UH1...
  2. kevin341

    Next Generation MiG-35

    TF-X Project looks like a so hard. Why? Because, they are trying to develop now ''Altay'' tank. It has not been able to make mass production since 2013. Therefore, TF-X it looks very diffucult.
  3. kevin341

    Next Generation MiG-35

    I have read the news that Turkey is interested in SU-57.but I don't think they could have. they're already on F-35 project. if Turkey had been joint in this SU-57 program from the beginning they'il have it now.
  4. kevin341

    Next Generation MiG-35

    Thanks for reply Zaslon. There are those who say there is no 5th generation. 4++ is said to be.
  5. kevin341

    Next Generation MiG-35

    The MiG-35 is currently undergoing flight tests. The fighter jet is expected to enter into service by 2020 and replace previous generation jets in the Russian Aerospace Forces. Looks pretty good. what's going on in 0.43? it didn't make sense.
  6. F-35 Lightning II in Action - YouTube

    F-35 Lightning II in Action - YouTube

    Lockheed Martin F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is a family of single-engine, all weather, fifth-generation multirole fight...
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    Old Aircrafts

    Rocket :)
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    WWII Vintage Photo

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    F-35 - News and Discussions

    im watched is f-35 in action video. 0:56 what is this ?