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  1. sarvar_preus

    Chinese PLAN commissions two new Type 056 corvettes.

    China's People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) commissioned its 28th and 29th Jiangdao-class (Type 056/056A) corvettes at a naval port in Lianyungang in eastern Jiangsu Province on 12 December, according to the China Military Online website. Baoding (hull number 511) and Heze (hull number 512)...
  2. sarvar_preus

    Chinese media touts Liaoning's 'growing combat capability.

    China's state television revealed footage on 1 August of the country's only operational carrier, Liaoning (CV-16), carrying eight Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC) J-15 fighters as well as a Z-18 and a Z-9 helicopter on its deck. This represents the largest number of aircraft so far seen on...
  3. Diane Lane

    South Korea On State of High Alert Following North Korea Missile Launch off Submarine

    It seems North Korea just can't help stirring the pot and riling up others in the region, as well as around the world. Reports state that it appears at around 6:30 p.m. last evening (local time), an intermediate range Musudan missile was launched off a submarine on the East Coast of the Korean...
  4. Gasoline

    Iran plans to hijack or bomb Saudi plane in Southeast Asia !

    MANILA, Philippines – The threat of terrorist attack on Saudi Arabian airliners in Southeast Asia is real, eminent, and allegedly in the final stage of implementation, which reportedly includes the hijacking or bombing of Saudi aircraft. The Saudi Arabian embassy in Manila notified the...