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  1. The Sandman

    Battle of three Emperors

    Or also known as Battle of Austerlitz it is also said that this was the Napoleon's greatest victory. The Battle of Austerlitz took place near the town of "Austerlitz" in Austrian Empire (Modern day Czech republic) Background Since the year 1790's Europe was in turmoil the French...
  2. The Sandman

    Battle of Gazala "Rommels Greatest Victory"

    A bit of background After the defeat in "Operation Crusader" in late 1941 the axis forces had retreated to a defensive line at "El Agheila" the British at the time assumed that Rommels DAK (Deutsches Afrika Korps) is behind fortifications now so British forces (8th Army) under General Sir...
  3. sarvar_preus

    Historical thread: Rhodesian armed forces

    The Rhodesian armed forces had their roots in the British south Africa company armed forces, originally created during the company's rule in the 1880s. they later became the armed forces of the self-governing British colony of southern Rhodesia in 1923 in post WW1 British ruled Africa. from 1953...