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  1. Scorpio

    Israel Just Asked the U.S. for Elite F-22 Raptor Fighter Jets - Could It Ever Happen?

    Leading Israeli media outlet Haaretz has reported that the country has requested permission to purchase F-22 Raptor fifth generation fighter jets from the United States. This request was made on the basis that should the U.S. sell F-35A fighter jets to neighbouring Arab states - namely the...
  2. IAF C17.jpg

    IAF C17.jpg

    Indian Air Force C17
  3. sarvar_preus

    Shahbaz: The story of pakistani air force pilots in Golan heights 1974

    The Aerial fight over Golan: On 26 April 1974, PAF fighter pilot Flight Lieutenant Sattar Alvi on deputation to No. 67A Squadron, Syrian Air Force (SAF) was flying a SAF MiG-21F-13 (Serial No. 1863) out of the Dumayr Air Base, Syria in an eight-ship formation with a fellow PAF pilot and the...