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  1. A

    Australian Armed Forces

    This is to share information, photos about the defense forces of Australia.
  2. Strike Eagle

    US Law Enforcement

    I want this thread to be posted about Law Enforcement in the US on the State level and Federal agencies. I will explain the 1033 Program that Police has and for just some slight info my senior project for school involves the Militarization of Police.
  3. Yıldırım

    Armed Forces of Azerbaijan

    a thread to show military might of our Azerbaijani Brothers
  4. Zaslon

    Belarus Military

    Belarus is a small country who fields an army and air force. Their main supplier is Russia. I'll share images of their military and some of their newer equipment along with stuff already in service.
  5. Jaeger

    Netherlands Armed Forces

    This is to show the military about the Netherlands. feel free to share about their army, air force, navy, special forces etc. Dutch soldiers unloading from CV90
  6. Jaeger

    German military during WW1 and WW2

    This is a thread to discuss Germany's Military during WW1, Between WW1 and WW2 and along with WW2. Please keep Ideological and hate from this. This is suppose to be a very creative and informative thread thank you guys.