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  1. TomCat

    KFX Fighter Full-Scale Mockup At ADEX19

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    Awesome Fire Power of South Korean Navy...

  3. Diane Lane

    North Korea

    Certainly, this is being done as a slap in the face of South Korea and the South Korean President. It may have been designed to convey a threat, but seems childish to me. I'm a world away, and from what little I know about North Korea, this isn't at all surprising. Park Geun-hye portrait used...
  4. Redheart

    North & South Korea News, Updates & Discussions

    Japan military on alert over North Korea's planned rocket launch| Reuters Japan put its military on alert on Wednesday to shoot down any North Korean rocket that threatens it, while South Korea warned the North it would pay a "severe price" if it goes ahead with a satellite launch that South...