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  1. Diane Lane

    Mexican Navy Rescues Kidnapping Victim Near Texas (United States) Border

    I was actually looking for two different stories when I came across this one. It seems I'm seeing these stories at least weekly, where the cartel is right up against the United States border of Texas, and the scenes reported are very violent and bloody. The story doesn't provide detailed...
  2. Diane Lane

    ISIS Recruiters Planned to open Jihadi smuggling route from Syria to US via Mexico

    Those of us living near the southern border of the United States have been watchful for a while, thinking something like this was probably going on behind the scenes. I've heard reports for a few years now that the Mexican drug cartels have been collaborating with Hamas, which was very alarming...
  3. Diane Lane

    Matamoros Becomes Ground Zero...Mexican Drug War

    I used to go across the international border to Matamoros, Mexico frequently, for dinner and shopping. The products were colorful, the food delicious, and the people friendly, although of course there were always those who would take advantage, if given the chance. I always felt bad for those...
  4. Diane Lane

    Mexico on High Alert Again After Another Truck Loaded with Radioactive Material Stolen

    It really seems Mexico is incapable of policing itself. The cartels run wild, destroying quality of life for many, and now, yet again, a truck loaded with radioactive material has been stolen. This is at least the fifth such incident that is known of, and who knows whether it's occurred at other...
  5. Diane Lane

    Mob beats, kills, and burns bodies of 2 university students conducting study in Mexico

    The lawlessness in Mexico is out of control. The police had these two at the police station trying to protect them, but were unable due to the size and ferocity of the crowd. I hope more details come to light. I don't like people coming to my home and asking a lot of questions, but it appears...