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  1. Persian Gulf

    Iranian Scientific Developments

    I think it will be a good idea to make a thread dedicated to Iran's current standing (and future developments) in scientific fields. This can include medicines, nanotechnology, scientific research in general and specific applications of this knowledge, e.g. space programme developments. Iran...
  2. sarvar_preus

    The Palestinian authority (PA) receives Al-Jawad armoured vehicles.

    The Palestinian Authority's (PA's) Ministry of Interior has received its first armoured vehicles in the form of six Al-Jawad security vehicles, PA security sources told IHS Jane's on 12 December. Based on the Ford F-550 chassis, the Al-Jawad is made by Jordan's King Abdullah II Design and...
  3. T-123456

    Saudi recalibration: Ostracise Egypt and embrace Turkey

    Enduring tensions between Cairo and Riyadh could lead to a major relignment of regional powers, pushing Saudi and Turkey closer together In a Middle East that is increasingly transforming, one has to admit that once solid alliances and strategic relations tend to become vulnerable and rather...