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  1. Scorpio

    Sea Sultan - PN Selected Embraer Lineage 1000E Jetliner for LRMPA

    The Sea Sultan ....LRMPA for PN Pakistani Navy confirms Brazilian jetliner will replace Orion patrol aircraft in (LRMPA) ISLAMABAD — Pakistan’s Navy has selected the Embraer Lineage 1000 jetliner to replace its P-3C Orion long-range maritime patrol aircraft, a service spokesman has confirmed...
  2. Scorpio

    Pakistan Navy’s locally built midget Submarine -

    Pakistan Navy’s locally built Midget Submarine Notably, a recent satellite image confirms that Pakistan might have indigenously developed a new midget submarine as it proposed in the MoDP 2015–2016. From 2016 on, one can see the submarine partially covered in a tent in. Since 2019, the...
  3. Shazam

    Indian Aircraft Carriers; How India is building its own legacy of failure.

    The following writeup utilises information available on Wikipedia and various articles on the subject, some of which have been identified in the following. A recent Naval War College Review article by Ben Wan Beng Ho sheds some light on the problems that India’s carrier force might have in...
  4. PN SSGN.jpg

    PN SSGN.jpg

    Pakistan Navy SEALs or SSGN