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  1. remnant

    Ukraine to develop new turbofan engine

    Ukraine's defence aviation industry has announced a plan to build a new turbofan engine for use in its serving fighter aircraft, the Mig-29 and Su-27. This could lead to the development of an indigenous multirole fighter by Ivchenko Progress, Ukraine's sole developer and manufacturer of turbofan...
  2. Diane Lane

    FlyDubai Flight Crashes in Russia, Killing All 62 on Board

    At this time, terrorism is not considered as the cause of the crash. An investigation is ongoing, and the suspected cause is either pilot error possibly related to weather conditions, mechanical failure, or a combination of the two. FlyDubai states that they consider the crash an accident, and...
  3. Gasoline

    Iran plans to hijack or bomb Saudi plane in Southeast Asia !

    MANILA, Philippines – The threat of terrorist attack on Saudi Arabian airliners in Southeast Asia is real, eminent, and allegedly in the final stage of implementation, which reportedly includes the hijacking or bombing of Saudi aircraft. The Saudi Arabian embassy in Manila notified the...