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  1. Diane Lane

    ISIS Recruiters Planned to open Jihadi smuggling route from Syria to US via Mexico

    Those of us living near the southern border of the United States have been watchful for a while, thinking something like this was probably going on behind the scenes. I've heard reports for a few years now that the Mexican drug cartels have been collaborating with Hamas, which was very alarming...
  2. Corzhens

    At least 30 dead in Somalia bombings

    Dateline Mogadishu. Another Islamist extremist called Shebab had claimed the twin bomb attacks that killed 30 civilians and wonded 61 others in Baidoa, Somalia. Bay region governor Abdurashid Abdulahi said that a car bomb exploded in a popular restaurant with the suicide bomber shooting people...
  3. Corzhens

    End Yemen conflict to stop terrorism says Somalian PM

    Somalia’s prime minister says ending the crisis in Yemen is “crucial” to preventing al-Shabab rebels from exploiting their recent allegiance with the Islamic State extremist group and forming a “terror network” that threatens Somalia and the region again. Omar Sharmarke told the UN Security...