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  1. remnant

    Motorbikes in lightning offensives

    There is an increasing element and potential of motorbikes being used in urban and desert warfare for both guerilla insurgent strikes or commando style attacks aimed at high value targets either inaccessible by air or using other assault vehicles. Motorbikes can maneouvre the urban jungle with...
  2. remnant

    Era of militias?

    It is increasingly becoming a common trend around the world for governments to engage irregular forces or militia to fight alongside the armed forces. Not only are there forces highly motivated, they can also blend with the general population and have a lower maintenance. They are christened as...
  3. remnant

    Are sallies effective?

    There are varied techniques of warfare employed in the battlefield and its up to the military tacticians to gauge their effectiveness. One tactic that has been used in past wars to devastating effect is the use of sustained attacks with waves upon waves of infantry and support units attacking...
  4. remnant

    Breaking the will to fight

    A deadly military strategy involves not focusing on winning the war in the initial stages which is not possible, but breaking the opponent's will to fight. This may involve overwhelming aerial or ground bombardments. It may also involve commando attacks on the enemy's tactical headquarters or...
  5. remnant

    Are large scale attacks ok?

    The technique called blitzkrieg was used by the Germans during the Second World War and it involved huge numbers of warplanes attempting to overwhelm enemy defences. The Israelis are thought to have been exploring the possibility of using it to attack Iran's nuclear sites and Israel reportedly...
  6. remnant

    Robots in warfare

    The US sometime ago announced that it was venturing into research and development of robots to participate in guided warfare. This would reduce personnel casualties as well as increasse combat effectiveness especially in areas littered with landmines. But there are concerns about the judgement...
  7. UnslaadKrosis

    Ethics of Biological warfare.

    Biological warfare has been a thing for a long time. From the Assyrians using poisonous fungi to poison wells to the use of Plague bacteria by the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second World War, it has often proved to be one of the most effective non-conventional weapons of warfare. So, what...