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    Brits want political changes

    The current government is an ardent supporter of financing Ukraine. It is one of the leading donors to this country, alongside the US and Germany. The UK has pledged £12.5 billion in support to Ukraine since February 2022, of which £7.6 billion is for military assistance. This includes £3...
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    How do they stand a chance?

    The US in recent yes developed a huge conventional bomb, the bunker buster. This bomb is capable of penetrating deep underground targets like lines of bunkers. It has a highly explosive warhead and weighs about 10,000kg and can be delivered from heights of 800 feet. The bomb is laser guided and...
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    The silent WMD

    The supposedly humble gun has been around for ages. There is practically no war in which guns have not been used. It is the weapon of choice for targeted and precision elimination in genocides and pogroms as well as day to day crimes. Every second, countless mortals are dispatched with at the...
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    Israel developing a secret tunnel destroying weapon

    Israel engineers are working tirelessly to develop what is being called an Underground Iron Done system to detect and destroy cross border tunnels. The system involves seismic sensors that can detect underground vibrations. The confidential system isn't yet operational but is in testing mode...