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The inevitable and what we should do to prepare.

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Oct 11, 2019
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I would like to start this thread for a good healthy discussion about what is to come...maybe not soon...maybe not in our lifetime but if one looks closely...all things are slowly falling into place for this inevitable.

I remember seeing this lecture of Dr. Israr Ahmad a long while back when I was a little kid(my dad is a big fan...and it's more like he was watching it while I as a kid wasn't much interested at the time). Recently it popped up again in my youtube feed...and reminded me.

Based on how things have been unfolding thus far puts the key points talked about in this video into perspective...
...there was news of Israel building settlements in Golan Heights and even more recently the plan to annex west bank.

See below...

I don't think this can be prevented...this was prophesized long ago and it will unfold as such. The reason I open this thread is to ask...

1) What can we do about it as Muslims at an individual level?
2) What can we do about it as Muslim countries?
3) Are we prepared enough? Do we have the forces and the horses at the ready(Surah al-Anfal)?

@Khafee @Zulu @Mingle @Counter-Errorist @Pakhtoon yum @Zarvan tag others who may be interested.

PS watch the video in its entirety or else the thread won't make sense
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