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Nov 25, 2014
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Under the above title, Vladimir Mukhin, in Nezavisimaya Gazeta, wrote about the transformation of the conflict in Syria into a war with Iran, and the use of Israeli airfields by the US-occupied territories in Syria to bomb Aleppo.

On the eve of his short visit to Moscow, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the main topic of his talks with Vladimir Putin was the Syrian issue.

Prior to the visit, Israeli media published details of the March 27 rocket attack on facilities in Aleppo, Syria. It was reported that the strikes targeted Iranian positions in the areas of Sheikh Najjar and Jabarin, as well as on the Nyairb Air Base, from two different directions. In addition to strikes from Lebanese airspace, for the first time in the entire Syrian campaign, IDF aircraft operated from the area occupied by the Americans in eastern Syria.

According to the website avia.pro, quoting Israeli sources, that “Israeli electronic surveillance devices revealed that Syrian air ......................Continue reading...