Yemeni Army launches military operation, liberates key areas in Hajjah


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Nov 17, 2017
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Army launches military operation, liberates key areas in Hajjah
08 June 2019

National Army forces backed by Arab coalition have launched Saturday morning a large-scale military operation, controlling important sites in Hajjah province northwestern of the country.

The villages of Alkos, Gibran, Bani Awaid, Hajaurah, Al-Matryeh, Al-Kdmyh, El-Hajar”,”Al-Mashaybeh, and Beni-Fardh located between Harad and Medi districts, were liberated by army.

Al-Naseem farmers, which is about 10 kilometres, taken by the militia as a barracks for its militants were also freed during the operation.

The army has cut militia’s supply line connects between Medi and Harad north of the province.

Meanwhile, coalition fighters bombed Houthi militia sites and reinforcements in the same area.

Army’s engineering teams have removed large quantities of mines and improvised explosive devices planted by the coup militia in the former areas.

Even now, the military operation still ongoing, leaving scores killed and injured among the Houthi rebels, as well as the destruction of a number of its affiliated mechanisms.