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  • f16 twin rack.JPG
    Ah ok! No it is very much possible.
  • f16 twin rack.JPG
    Sir I Basically asked One more AMRAAM on Wingtip (that mean total 6-AMRAAMs on each Aircraft). Is it possible or it will increase MTOW of the...
  • f16 twin rack.JPG
    TBH I havent seen twin racks on wing tips, most probably due to weight restriction.
  • f16 twin rack.JPG
    @Khafee Sir can PAF also add Two AMRAAMs on Wingtip? Or not possible due to Max Take off Weight Limitations or Others if any??
  • U.S Navy's Air-cushioned landing craft .jpg
    One of the best I have seen so far. My wallpaper from now on.
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