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  • f16 twin rack.JPG
    My initial reaction was, maybe you were referring to the Conformal Fuel Tanks, on the F16 they increase range by approx 40%, without sacrificing...
  • f16 twin rack.JPG
    I confused it with hardpoints of JF-17. The wet points on F-16 remain the same. This config helps JF-17 more than F-16. In case of F-16 it can...
  • f16 twin rack.JPG
    How does a twin rack missile launcher, increase range?
  • f16 twin rack.JPG
    Increased range with no affect on payload .
  • Turkish Otokar Cobra-II.jpg
    The Cobra-II Reconnaissance and Surveillance Vehicle, developed for use by the Land Forces Command for Border Security, comprises the integration...
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