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    Iran to buy bombers

    Tehran and Russian firm Rosoboronexport arms group are about to sign a contract for the sale of 250 Su-30 MKM warplanes and IL-28 tankers. The transaction is Russia's largest in 30 years and will endow Iran with long range air assault capabilities. A Sukhoi can sustain a 4.5 hour raid at a...
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    Russia to supply weapons to Armenia

    The govts of Russia and Armenia have signed a $200 million export loan agreement to supply weapons to the latter. Armenia will acquire Smerch multiple rocket launchers and ammo, Igla-S air defence missile systems, Autobaza-M ground-based radar jamming and deception system, TOS 1A heavy...
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    Iran acquires advanced anti-aircraft shield

    Following the lifting of sanctions against Iran, the Russians have finally delivered advanced anti-aircraft systems to the Iranians. The S-300 PMU2 anti-aircraft batteries have long been a sticking point with some members of the UN Security Council stating that they are likely to be used to...