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    Italy's Alenia pitching multirole MC-27J to the Gulf

    Due to the evolving battlefield in the Gulf, Italian defence contractor Alenia Aermecchi is pitching its new multimission airlifter and gunship as the best way to meet the new threat. The multirole aircraft is the perfect solution for the Gulf countries' increasingly focused on border control...
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    Iran acquires advanced anti-aircraft shield

    Following the lifting of sanctions against Iran, the Russians have finally delivered advanced anti-aircraft systems to the Iranians. The S-300 PMU2 anti-aircraft batteries have long been a sticking point with some members of the UN Security Council stating that they are likely to be used to...
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    Indian special forces

    India is one of the best secured nations on earth when you take into account its large size, terrain and multiplicity of jihadi groups that have an axe to grind with India as well as belligerent neighbours like Pakistan. A silent cold war with China cannot go unnoticed. One group of special...