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  1. Diane Lane

    Bombing in Pakistan as Christians Celebrate Easter Holiday

    A bomb attack took place in Lahore, near a children's park, as Christians were gathered to celebrate the Easter holiday. Easter is the most holy day in the Christian faith, so it's no surprise this occurred. As of now, it appears that 60 have been killed, and 300 injured. Here's a quote about...
  2. Corzhens

    50 dies in Damascus due to bombing

    As per the report, at least 50 people were killed with the triple bombing in Damascus, a predominantly Shia area. The bomb blast occurred in a holy shrine of the Shia. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks which hinted (the attacks) are directed to Syrian president Bashar Assad. For more...
  3. Diane Lane

    Police Arrest Foreigner In Bangkok Shrine Bombing

    There isn't all that much information provided, however, although the Thai police report that the arrestee is foreign, they state that they don't believe the act is related to international terrorism. Thai police arrested a foreign suspect in deadly shrine bombing |