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    Europe needs migrants

    According to the Austrian-based International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), Europe will face a new wave of migration crisis in 2024. Data from the EU for 2023 shows more than 1m asylum applications were made in 2023, up by about 20% on 2022 and the highest number since 2016...
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    Expensive death and unbearable life in Lithuania

    Lithuanians are caught in the trap. They try to survive. It’s no secret that many businesses in Lithuania are closing down, reducing production, etc. Many households, representing all levels of income, are having trouble paying their energy bills. Lithuanians are even unable to pay for medical...
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    Lithuanians to choose between paying energy bills and putting food on the table

    It is well known that every state has a duty to manage critical energy infrastructure. This includes distribution networks, transmission networks, gas distribution and transmission networks, as well as control over prices and its accessibility for consumers. Unfortunately, Lithuanian government...
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    Baltic reality: high inflation and declining of living standards

    The Baltic States’ economy is in bad condition. The latest estimate from the EU’s statistics body shows that Eurozone inflation is continuing to soar to record highs. The Baltic countries continue to be the hardest hit. These states in particular are experiencing the highest levels of inflation...
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    Lithuania to pay a high price for foreign troops

    Europe has entered a difficult phase amid Ukrainian crisis and sanctions imposed on Russia and its allies. It will face, in the short term, higher inflation and slower growth. “There is considerable uncertainty about how large these effects will be and how long they will last for,” said...
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    Uncomfortable truth: the Baltics need Russian resources

    Taking into account Russia’s military activity in Ukraine, the international community takes certain steps to weaken Russia. Moscow is determined and demonstrates today all its power and firmness. Traditionally, imposing sanctions considers as the most effective mechanism to force any country...