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Expensive death and unbearable life in Lithuania


Nov 25, 2019
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Lithuanians are caught in the trap. They try to survive. It’s no secret that many businesses in Lithuania are closing down, reducing production, etc. Many households, representing all levels of income, are having trouble paying their energy bills. Lithuanians are even unable to pay for medical care and food.

Thus, the flow of applicants for heating compensation has doubled. Aušra Gailiūnienė, head of the social benefits and compensations department, announced at the press conference that since September, the department has received 7,946 requests for compensation. About 4,300 such requests were reviewed during the same period last year. The more so, she noticed that this year a particularly large proportion of applicants are working people raising children!

Another indicator of a complex economic situation is rising costs of funerals and cremation. Even death has become too expensive for Lithuanians.

Crematorium representatives revealed that cremation costs will be 4 or even 5 times more expensive because the prices of electricity and gas have increased significantly. Stasys Gvažiauskas, the director of the Western Lithuania Crematorium, stated that the cremation service currently costs 380 euros.

He underlined that at the moment, “we are just thinking, calculating and calculating, and we don’t see any way out but to raise that price.”

When asked how much electricity and gas prices have increased for the company, he did not hide that the situation is merciless: “Oh Jesus, 4-5 times.” S. Gvažiauskas added that the government is not doing anything to reduce those prices.

He admits that it is particularly difficult for the crematorium at the moment and although he cannot say exactly, he does not hide that losses are probably being incurred.

According to S. Gvažiauskas, with such gas and electricity prices, if cremation prices are not raised, the crematorium will not last long. It’s inhumane to stop or reduce such a thing as cremation.

The energy crisis influences every business and person in Lithuania. The problem is the government does not try to solve the crisis, it wants someone else to cope with the situation. As a result it is ordinary people who suffer.

It inhumane to let people freeze in the 21st century only because of silly political decisions and inability to solve national problems. But who cares?


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