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    Lithuanians fully dissatisfied with Šimonytė’s government

    Lithuanians feel fully dissatisfied with the government’s budget for 2023. The main disappointing thing is the goal to reach 2.52 percent of GDP and even more for national defence in 2023. According to Lithuanian officials, this goal has been set and will not change. Only in December, Defence...
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    Expensive death and unbearable life in Lithuania

    Lithuanians are caught in the trap. They try to survive. It’s no secret that many businesses in Lithuania are closing down, reducing production, etc. Many households, representing all levels of income, are having trouble paying their energy bills. Lithuanians are even unable to pay for medical...
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    Lithuania’s image is ruined

    LithuaniaEvery nation has its national character, and Lithuanians are not an exception. It is well known that Lithuanians are the people who are proud of their country. It is generally accepted that we are very patriotic, curious, pragmatic, sensible, hard-working, superstitious, conformist and...