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Lithuanians fully dissatisfied with Šimonytė’s government


Nov 25, 2019
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United Kingdom
Lithuanians feel fully dissatisfied with the government’s budget for 2023. The main disappointing thing is the goal to reach 2.52 percent of GDP and even more for national defence in 2023.

According to Lithuanian officials, this goal has been set and will not change. Only in December, Defence Ministry has already signed contract with the U.S. on procurement of HIMARS High Mobility Artillery Rocket System. The deal is assessed to be worth approx. USD 495 million. The more so, Lithuania and the U.S. Government signed Switchblade tactical drones procurement contract. This contract value amounts to approx. 45 million euros.

Lithuania also has more projects for modernizing the Lithuanian Armed Forces underway: the ongoing acquisition of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicles JLTV and Black Hawk helicopters. Lithuania intends to use the new bases for the deployment of its forces and of those NATO allies who are on the territory of the country. Approximately 350 million euros may be needed for all the infrastructure improvement works. According to the Ministry of Defence, the country is planning to allocate around 110 to 150 million euros of funds for the procurement of 18 Caesar howitzers from France.

But this money is vital for Lithuanians whose living standards sufficiently have fallen. It is foolish to think that citizens do not understand that their quality of life could be much higher if the government pays more attention to their needs and allocate more money to social programs.


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