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  1. Khafee

    Egypt getting Sentinel radars

    Egypt getting Sentinel radars Written by defenceWeb, Tuesday, 21 November 2017 Egypt will be receiving eight Sentinel radar systems from the United States worth nearly $45 million after Raytheon Integrated Defence Systems was awarded a contract. The US Department of Defence on 16 November...
  2. T-123456

    Saudi recalibration: Ostracise Egypt and embrace Turkey

    Enduring tensions between Cairo and Riyadh could lead to a major relignment of regional powers, pushing Saudi and Turkey closer together In a Middle East that is increasingly transforming, one has to admit that once solid alliances and strategic relations tend to become vulnerable and rather...
  3. Diane Lane

    Cypris Orders EgyptAir Hijacker Held For 8 Days

    The hijacking took place on Tuesday, March 29, 2016, and lasted for about six hours. The plane was flying from Alexandria to Cairo, when Seif Eddin Mustafa claimed to have explosives, and redirected the flight to Cyprus. Most of the 72 onboard the flight were released upon landing in Cyprus...
  4. Scorpion

    What a disgrace, Arab League denounces Turkish troop deployment in Iraq

    Cairo (AFP) - Arab foreign ministers condemned on Thursday a Turkish military deployment in Iraq as an "assault" on the country's sovereignty, demanding Ankara withdraw the forces. The Turkish deployment "is an assault on Iraqi sovereignty and a threat to Arab national security," they said in...
  5. Gasoline

    Egypt's first Type 209 sub launched

    Egypt's first Type 209 sub launched Jeremy Binnie, London and Alex Pape, London - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly 10 December 2015 ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) announced on 10 December 2015 that Egypt's first Type 209 submarine had been launched at its Kiel yard and named S 41. Source...