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  1. Counter-Errorist

    PAF Acquisitions (2020)

    JF-17 THUNDER BLOCK 3 Manufacturer PAC / CAC Condition New Quantity N/A Status Tentative Price N/A Engine RD93 / RD93MA Radar KLJ-7A AESA Armaments N/A F-16 VIPER Block 70 Manufacturer Lockheed Martin Condition New Quantity 36-40 Status Tentative Price N/A...
  2. Scorpio

    China Sells J-10 Fourth Generation Fighters to Pakistan

    As Second Front Against India: Could China Sell Used J-10A/B Fourth Generation Fighters to Pakistan Pakistani Air Force has made considerable investments in improving the capabilities of its fighter fleet over the past decade, with modernisation efforts centred around purchases of the JF-17...