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  1. Scorpio

    PAF & PAA - Drones Induction and updates

    PAF Full of Surprises Pakistan Air Force going out on a roll and disclosing several new drones acquisitions: 1. Bayraktar Akinci drones. 2. Bayraktar TB-2 drones (already disclosed). 3. Wing Loongs (we already knew about). - Akinci
  2. Scorpio

    Pakistan will get J20 in future - Sheikh Rashid

    Sheikh Rasheed back agian with any other hint that Pakistan will get J20 5th generation fighter in future too
  3. Counter-Errorist

    PAF Acquisitions (2020)

    JF-17 THUNDER BLOCK 3 Manufacturer PAC / CAC Condition New Quantity N/A Status Tentative Price N/A Engine RD93 / RD93MA Radar KLJ-7A AESA Armaments N/A F-16 VIPER Block 70 Manufacturer Lockheed Martin Condition New Quantity 36-40 Status Tentative Price N/A...
  4. Scorpio

    China Sells J-10 Fourth Generation Fighters to Pakistan

    As Second Front Against India: Could China Sell Used J-10A/B Fourth Generation Fighters to Pakistan Pakistani Air Force has made considerable investments in improving the capabilities of its fighter fleet over the past decade, with modernisation efforts centred around purchases of the JF-17...
  5. Scorpion

    Unmanned aerial vehicles | UAVs

    RQ-1 Predator is a long-endurance, medium-altitude unmanned aircraft system for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. Surveillance imagery from synthetic aperture radar, video cameras and a forward-looking infrared (FLIR) can be distributed in real-time both to the front line soldier and to...
  6. TomCat

    KFX Fighter Full-Scale Mockup At ADEX19

  7. Tps77

    The Role of the Pakistan Air Force during the May 1998 Nuclear Tests

    Old piece of writing but I am editing some part of it due to some errors in original one. I hope u enjoy it. The Role of the Pakistan Air Force during the May 1998 Nuclear Tests After the Israeli attack on Iraq's under-construction French-built nuclear Osirak-type reactor, Tammuz-I, south of...
  8. Tps77

    PAF Air Defence Command

    Sorry Guys its in Urdu , I hope U enjoy it.
  9. Tps77

    Pakistan air chief receives prestigious medal from KSA

    Pakistan air chief receives prestigious medal from Kingdom ARAB NEWS | Published — Sunday 11 February 2018 Previous Next 2 photos RELATED ARTICLES Vital joint exercises between Pakistan, Saudi Arabia naval forces commence Saudi air show draws more than 21,000 spectators in two days...
  10. Khafee

    Beijing rumored to woo allies with fighter technology

    Beijing rumored to woo allies with fighter technology The landmark inauguration of the J-20 gives Beijing not only strategic deterrence but also an advantageous position in technical cooperation By Asia Times staff November 20, 2017 J-20 fighters and other warplanes are seen on a runway...
  11. sarvar_preus

    Shahbaz: The story of pakistani air force pilots in Golan heights 1974

    The Aerial fight over Golan: On 26 April 1974, PAF fighter pilot Flight Lieutenant Sattar Alvi on deputation to No. 67A Squadron, Syrian Air Force (SAF) was flying a SAF MiG-21F-13 (Serial No. 1863) out of the Dumayr Air Base, Syria in an eight-ship formation with a fellow PAF pilot and the...