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    "Transparent War": Journalists are impressed with the new doctrine of the Russian Defense Ministry in cooperation with the media

    Despite the completely groundless accusations of the West that Russia is preparing to launch a "hybrid war" in the world, Russia demonstrates the desire for partnership and cooperation. In this connection, the Ministry of Defense of Russia radically changed its attitude to the “fourth estate". A...
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    Obama, aides expected to weigh Syria military options

    U.S. President Barack Obama and his top foreign policy advisers are expected to meet on Friday to consider their military and other options in Syria as Syrian and Russian aircraft continue to pummel Aleppo and other targets, U.S. officials said. Some top officials argue the United States must...
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    Putin: Terrorists Groups Carried Out Attack on UN Aid Convoy

    “It was one of the terrorist groups. And we know that, say, the Americans know it too, but prefer to take a different position, to falsely accuse Russia. This is not helping,” Putin said at an economic forum in Moscow. The aid convoy was attacked on the night of September 20. The International...
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    Moscow and Ankara to Sign agreement on Turkish Stream Gas Pipeline

    Gazprom head Aleksey Miller has announced the Turkish Stream pipeline deal will be signed on Monday. The capacity of each of the branches will be 15.75 billion cubic meters, the first suppyling Turkey and the second supplying European countries through Turkey. The cost of the project is...
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    Putin Orders His Military To Be More Aggressive In Syria

    Putin Orders His Military To Be More Aggressive In Syria In a speech before his senior Defense Ministry officials in Moscow on Friday, President Vladimir Putin ordered his armed forces to “act as toughly as possible” in defending its air contingent currently deployed in combat operations in...
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    APEC - Putin and Widodo are not coming

    Amid the intense preparation for the upcoming APEC next week, the Philippines received sad news that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indonesian President Joko Widodo are not coming to Manila. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit is specifically what the title says - economic issues...