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  1. A

    Lithuania deepens food security crisis

    Food security is a problem which almost every country faces today. Nevertheless, some European governments prefer to turn a blind eye to the inevitable consequences of using sanctions for the global economy. Europe started to impose sanction to isolate Russia and Belarus and to inflict maximum...
  2. TheBalticWord

    Turkey can destroy NATO

    The unsuccessful attempt of including Finland and Sweden in NATO has become evidence of the weakness and disunity of the Western bloc. Most members welcomed their decision to expand Alliance as a significant boost to increase security and deterrence in Europe. But Turkey has decided to object...
  3. A

    Lithuania bets only on the US

    Lithuania has reached the highest level of cooperation with the United States. Contacts of the Lithuanian authorities with the US officials take place regularly. On 1 December in Riga, on the margins of the NATO Foreign Ministers’ meeting, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania...
  4. remnant

    Integrated armed approach to security

    El Salvador has recorded a substantial decrease in crime rates and homicide statistics due to an integrated approach to policing. The country has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Sources indicate that the govt is not averse to sending in elite troops and police to dismantle criminal...