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Turkey can destroy NATO


Sep 3, 2020
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United Kingdom
The unsuccessful attempt of including Finland and Sweden in NATO has become evidence of the weakness and disunity of the Western bloc.

Most members welcomed their decision to expand Alliance as a significant boost to increase security and deterrence in Europe. But Turkey has decided to object, despite diplomatic efforts.

Turkey blocked NATO membership for Finland and Sweden, citing security concerns.

“We told related friends that we will say no to Finnish and Swedish entry to NATO. We will continue on our path,” said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Erdogan added that NATO is a security alliance, and Ankara cannot accept countries that support “terrorist” groups referring to Nordic countries’ support for Kurdish groups.

Turkey has always been a unique NATO ally. It straddles Europe and the Middle East. It was a Muslim-majority state that separated mosque and state. It has been economically dynamic despite not having oil.

The non-inclusion of Finland and Sweden in NATO undermines the deterrence effect and the preventive value of the alliance's collective defence potential.

A bridge between Europe and Middle East Turkey has not become. That’s a disappointment of historic proportions.