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  1. Scorpio

    Pakistan Navy’s locally built midget Submarine -

    Pakistan Navy’s locally built Midget Submarine Notably, a recent satellite image confirms that Pakistan might have indigenously developed a new midget submarine as it proposed in the MoDP 2015–2016. From 2016 on, one can see the submarine partially covered in a tent in. Since 2019, the...
  2. UK Astute class Sub Details.jpg

    UK Astute class Sub Details.jpg

  3. A

    Close up of Russian Poseidon unmanned nuclear submarine...

  4. remnant

    Escape routes in submarines?

    When a fighter is shot down, the pilot simply ejects using his parachute. Chances of survival in land warfare are also there with serendipity on one's side. But I have this nagging question that can be particularly disturbing (to me at least). If a submarine is torpedoed, say using Venom...
  5. remnant

    China's nuclear submarines

    China is about to join an exclusive club of nuclear powers. The Chinese navy is about to send its first allistic missile submarines to sea for operational patrols with live nuclear rockets. If the Jin-class submarines head to sea this year, China will achieve a level of nuclear strike capability...
  6. Gasoline

    Egypt's first Type 209 sub launched

    Egypt's first Type 209 sub launched Jeremy Binnie, London and Alex Pape, London - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly 10 December 2015 ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) announced on 10 December 2015 that Egypt's first Type 209 submarine had been launched at its Kiel yard and named S 41. Source...