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    Pakistan: Levies recovers huge cache of arms

    QUETTA: Balochistan Levies Force has arrested an Iranian citizen and recovered a huge quantity of arms and ammunitions from his possession during an intelligence based operation at Pakistan-Iran border city of Taftan in Chagai district. According to Chagai Deputy Commissioner Fateh Khan...
  2. Diane Lane

    Jordan King Pledges Action After Intelligence Officers Killed

    I hadn't heard about this attack when I saw the headline, so it caught my attention. I guess that's due to the news blackout. I like to know what's going on, but I can definitely understand the need to keep at least some of the most pertinent information close to the vest. I don't always...
  3. remnant

    The evolving face of terrorism

    The world is facing a constant flux of circumstances with regard to asymmetrical warfare. Previously, terrorists had their bedrock in the underprivileged youth who had grievances about perceived injustices. The modern terrorist is homegrown, urbane, affluent and with a bright future to boot...
  4. remnant

    Russia in the eye of the storm.

    By committing to support Assad militarily, Russia has just plunged itself into the limelight of attention from jihadi groups. And there are precedents in Beirut where over 200 American marines were killed. I believe that something is in the offing and Russia should tread carefully in Syria...
  5. Gasoline

    Saudi coalition claims it killed +800 al-Qaeda fighters in Yemen!

    The command of the coalition forces to support the legitimacy in Yemen announced launching a joint military operation against al-Qaeda in Yemen. The operation's participants include the Yemeni army and elements of Saudi and United Arab Emirates special forces. The coalition command said in a...
  6. Gasoline

    Poland Foreign Minister: Russia Is More Dangerous Than ISIS

    BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — Russia is more dangerous than the Islamic State group, Poland's Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski told reporters Friday during a visit to Slovakia. "By all evidence, Russia's activity is a sort of existential threat because this activity can destroy countries," said...
  7. djdefense

    Deadly Twin Blasts Kill Several People In Brussels

    In another horrific terrorist attack, two blasts rocked Brussels - one at the Airport and another at the subway station. 10 feared dead, 30 injured: Brussels airport: 2 Explosions, airport evacuated - CNN.com
  8. Diane Lane

    ISIS Supporters Threaten to Take Down Facebook and Twitter

    This threat by apparent ISIS supporters follows campaigns by both Facebook and Twitter to target accounts on each platform used by ISIS and supporters to support their terrorist activities and goals. Social media has been used for years by radicals and self-proclaimed social justice warriors...
  9. Gasoline

    Iran plans to hijack or bomb Saudi plane in Southeast Asia !

    MANILA, Philippines – The threat of terrorist attack on Saudi Arabian airliners in Southeast Asia is real, eminent, and allegedly in the final stage of implementation, which reportedly includes the hijacking or bombing of Saudi aircraft. The Saudi Arabian embassy in Manila notified the...
  10. Diane Lane

    Multiple Parcel Bombs Detonated in China's Guangxi Region

    The article states that 17 parcel bombs were set off. The parcels were delivered by paid couriers. 51 people have been injured, and at least 7 killed. 'Authorities said they had ruled out a terrorist attack.' Except, obviously this was a terrorist attack. Perhaps they define terrorist...
  11. Diane Lane

    Virginia Man Sentenced to more Than 11 Years for Providing Material Support to ISIL/ISIS

    This is a FBI press release detailing the case of a 17-year-old Virginia man who provided support to ISIL/ISIS via social media. Virginia Man Sentenced to More Than 11 Years for Providing Material Support to ISIL | OPA | Department of Justice The following is an excerpt detailing his actions...