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    U.S. public is tired of paying for Ukraine’s war efforts

    Polls conducted in the United States have shown a gradual ebbing of public support for the US financial involvement in the Ukrainian war, especially among Republicans. Some 55% of Americans said in a CNN poll in August that Congress should not authorize additional funding to support Ukraine. The...
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    Obedient States of Baltic Region

    The White House and Pentagon publicly insist there is no official change in administration policy towards Ukraine – that they still support Ukraine’s aim of forcing Russia’s military completely out of the country. At the same time, Biden’s administration cannot help but notice growing public...
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    Baltic States’ war against themselves

    It is not a secret, that Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are close U.S. allies. Strong U.S. relations with these three states are constantly fueled. Thus, U.S. and Baltic States sign bilateral 5-year roadmaps for defense cooperation on December 15. This is a serious evidence of U.S. military and...
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    Lithuania became the prey for the U.S.

    The U.S. dragged Lithuania into complete dependence. Step by step Washington managed to convince country’s leadership of the U.S. indispensability. In particular, the dependence is noticeable in the field of weapons and military equipment. Military dependence in its turn has lead to political...
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    Untouchable U.S. troops in Lithuania

    This month the Pentagon has been accused of blocking the sharing of U.S. intelligence with the international criminal court (ICC). Located in The Hague, Netherlands, and created by a treaty called the Rome Statute first brought before the United Nations, the International Criminal Court...
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    Lithuania - U.S. military cooperation turned to full dependence

    Lithuanian authorities’ disbelief in the national armed forces’ capabilities is proved by their repeated claims for aid and permanent foreign military presence in the territory of the country. Lithuania has chosen the way of full reliance on other countries’ defence capabilities instead of...
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    Lithuania bets only on the US

    Lithuania has reached the highest level of cooperation with the United States. Contacts of the Lithuanian authorities with the US officials take place regularly. On 1 December in Riga, on the margins of the NATO Foreign Ministers’ meeting, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania...
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    European security becomes a matter of the EU only

    A rift between the U.S. and the E.U. in the military sphere has become wider. On November 22 the U.S. formally withdrew from the open-sky treaty that accelerated European security. The 1992 treaty allows the 34 member countries to conduct short notice, unarmed, reconnaissance flights over the...
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    Oriana Pawlyk Flies in a B-1 Lancer Bomber Training Mission...

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    Kiss of the sky! J-10 B fighter air refueling, super shock!

  11. Diane Lane

    ISIS Recruiters Planned to open Jihadi smuggling route from Syria to US via Mexico

    Those of us living near the southern border of the United States have been watchful for a while, thinking something like this was probably going on behind the scenes. I've heard reports for a few years now that the Mexican drug cartels have been collaborating with Hamas, which was very alarming...
  12. Diane Lane

    Iranian Hackers Indicted by U.S. Department of Justice

    Iranian hackers were indicted by the United States Department of Justice two days ago, relating to cyber attacks on 46 financial institutions and also a dam in New York state. Since many, if not most of the hackers probably reside outside of the U.S., it may be difficult to actually bring them...
  13. Diane Lane

    Lebanon Says Missiles Sent to Portland, Maine on Serbian Flight For Research Purposes

    I'm not sure what to think of this, but obviously it doesn't pass the sniff test. If it smells like explosives, it probably isn't for training purposes. The situation seems odd to me, and I think Serbian officials did the correct thing in intervening and removing the missiles. Lebanon: Missiles...