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  1. Jaeger

    US Armed Forces

    I created this thread to show the most powerful military on the planet
  2. A

    US and South Korean Military, Show Awesome Force of their Weapons...

  3. A

    Apache Helicopter, air-to-air 'Stinger Missile'...

  4. A

    Marine Air Ground Task Force

  5. A

    Oriana Pawlyk Flies in a B-1 Lancer Bomber Training Mission...

  6. A

    Kiss of the sky! J-10 B fighter air refueling, super shock!

  7. Khafee

    Navy awards Arête $7.4M contract for COBRA program support

    Navy awards Arête $7.4M contract for COBRA program support By James LaPorta | Nov. 21, 2017 Sailors assigned to the "Wildcards" of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 23 prepare to move an MQ-8B Fire Scout unmanned aerial vehicle to the hangar bay aboard littoral combat ship USS Coronado. Photo...
  8. Scorpion

    US airstrikes Syria after Chemical attack

    About 59 Tomahawk missiles were launched from US Navy warships in the Mediterranean Sea, a US official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. A target was identified as an airbase in Homs.
  9. Gasoline

    US Navy intercept Iranian weapons shipment heading to Yemen [3rd seizure in 2 months]

    US Navy intercept Iranian weapons shipment including 1,500 AK-47s and rocket launchers in the Arabian Sea heading to war-torn Yemen USS Sirocco. The U.S. Navy has confiscated a cache of weapons that it believes was being transported from Iran to Houthi rebels in Yemen, marking at least...
  10. Gasoline

    US Navy test: Anti-Aircraft Missile SM-6 Sinks a target Ship

    Anti-Aircraft Missile Sinks Ship: Navy SM-6 By SYDNEY J. FREEDBERG JR.on March 07, 2016 at 4:41 PM The former USS Reuben James was sunk in the test. The supersonic SM-6 Standard Missile, designed to shoot down incoming aircraft and cruise missiles, has sunk a target ship in a test. The...