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‘Iran lobby paying UK papers to malign KSA’


Dec 5, 2014
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‘Iran lobby paying UK papers to malign KSA’



Published — Sunday 14 February 2016
Last update 14 February 2016 2:37 pm

LONDON: Saudi-bashing has become the norm in British print media, with most newspapers indulging in a disinformation campaign against Saudi Arabia while tilting toward Iran.

An escalation in the hate campaign following the execution of 47 terrorists in the Kingdom points the finger of suspicion to the Iranian lobby that might be actually paying for such articles, a Saudi newspaper has said.

In January last year, the Daily Telegraph published an article by Con Coughlin, an expert in international terrorism and the Middle East, saying that Britain should stand by the Saudis against Iranians to answer calls for the isolation of Saudi Arabia from the international community.

However, Coughlin is among a minority in the British press who realize the importance of maintaining good relations with Saudi Arabia, which is actually fighting against terrorism at home and abroad.

Coughlin wrote that some people in the UK Foreign Ministry say building strong relations with Iran might serve British interests in the long run.

The British press viewed Al-Nimr, one of the 47 terrorists executed in the Kingdom last month, as innocent and ignored his real face.

“Iran and China execute more people than Saudi Arabia, but no one mentions these executions. To them, negative news about the country that protects Islamic holy places is more important to broadcast. This only reflects on the hatred and bias against Islam,” the Arabic language daily said.

The strong diplomatic relations between the US and Saudi Arabia is another cause of this hatred, for they view the Kingdom as a partner in international imperialism, said the daily.

The Kingdom’s commitment to religious values disturbs socialists who believe the state should play the role of the lord without paying any attention to the moral decay of society, the newspaper said.
‘Iran lobby paying UK papers to malign KSA’ | Arab News