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10 Most Expensive Presidential Planes In The World

Feb 22, 2018
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10. Boeing 777-300ER, Bangladesh, $260 million
You may not equate Bangladesh with a lavish lifestyle, but when it comes to the Boeing 777-300ER, you have got $260 million worth of excellence. This twin jet broke aviation headlines back in 2014 and features seating for both business and economy classes.This is at least an environmentally friendly expense, which emits 22% less carbon dioxide than its predecessors.

9. Airbus A340-600 – Jordan, $275 million
Almost 76 meters of aircraft carry Jordan’s leader to official trips at a value of US$275 million. The Airbus A340-600 prides itself on providing cozy in-house seating for those who choose economy class. It uses less fuel than other planes and is equipped with the most modern aviation technology.
8. Boeing 747-400 – Japan, $300 Million
Traditional Japanese values may place an emphasis on the natural and simple. However, Japanese tradition was pushed aside with the extravagant Boeing 747-400. It has got four huge engines as well as automatic systemization and a fully-equipped cockpit that is manned by a two-man crew.
7. Boeing 747SP, Yemen, $300 million
Abd Rabbo Mansur Hadi has had to adopt a different plane for his air travel since 2015, when this Boeing was caught in crossfire during the country’s civil war, creating US$300 million’s worth of scrap metal.
6. Boeing 747-200B – US, $325 million
If every passenger on the Boeing 747-200B pitched in a million dollars each, they would be able to purchase the aircraft. This $325 million plane is the next generation to the Boeing 747-100 and is heavier and yet stronger. The Boeing 747-200B was used by the President of the United States for high-flying business matters.
5. Air Force One, United States, $325 million
Barack Obama has held countless meetings aboard a renewed Boeing VC-25, with a price tag of US$325 million. The most emblematic features included are the spaces dedicated to conferences, desks and advanced technology are encased in a luxurious interior.
4. Boeing 767 – Zimbabwe, $400 million
President Mugabe’s $400 million plane was always going to be controversial when you consider Zimbabwe falls outside of the list of Africa’s top 10 richest countries, but the plane itself is a fine piece of equipment. The exterior of the plane has been decorated with the nation’s flag and the stairs lined with red carpet fit for royalty.
3. Airbus A380, Saudi Arabia, $500 million
The former prince of Saudi Arabia, traveled the world in his own five star hotel which cost US$500 million. Purchased by the prince of Saudi Arabia, it is almost like a five-star hotel that flies. It can hold up to 800 passengers.
2. Boeing 747 – Saudi Arabia, $228 million
Despite the aircraft itself costing around the $228 million mark, the King’s dedication to personalizing the interiors to his liking saw the final price jut up to over half a billion dollars. King Abdullah went on to add a marble-covered steam room, five bedrooms, and 20 smaller private rooms.
1. Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, Mexico, $600 million
Enrique Peña Nieto tops the list having designed the most expensive aircraft in the world today at US$600 million. It can reach speeds upwards of 1,000 miles per hour and could even fly from the West Coast of North America all the way to the East Coast of Asia.



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