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20 Interesting Facts About Fighters jets

Feb 22, 2018
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In 1956 due to high speed a F11 fighter shot itself because it was faster than its own bullet

F4 Phantom II was called “World’s Leading Distributor of MiG Parts” because it destroyed so many MiG fighters

During WW2, Russian Fighter pilot T. Kuznetsov flew himself home after being shot down by stealing a Nazi fighter plane. The German pilot landed near his crash site to scrounge around the wreck to look for souvenirs

During WW2, while parachuting from a damaged bomber, an American aviator downed a Japanese fighter plane by shooting the pilot in the head with his sidearm

In 1989, a Soviet pilot ejected a perfectly working MIG 23 thinking the plane’s engine had failed. It flew over 560 miles, crossing Germany before running out of fuel and crashing into a house in Belgium killing one teenager

The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird strategic reconnaissance aircraft was so fast, the designers did not even consider evasive maneuvers; the pilot was simply instructed to accelerate and out-fly any threat, including missiles

The Lockheed U-2 is so hard to land that on every landing, the plane is paced by a chase car such as the Camaro SS with an assistant “talking” the pilot down and since 2001, more than a dozen pilots have suffered the effects of decompression sickness and nine were reported to have suffered permanent brain damage.

In 1970 Russian MiG-25 Fighter had a majority of its avionics implemented in vacuum tubes to resists nuclear electromagnetic pulse

Every last F14 Tomcat America has in flyable storage is being shredded to prevent spares reaching Iran, who are still flying the ones sold to them by the US in the 70’s

The F-15 Eagle in all Air Forces has a combined air-to-air combat record of 104 kills to 0 losses. No air superiority versions of the F-15 (A/B/C/D models) have been shot down by enemy forces.

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